Zedling Suspension

Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions

  1.  These terms & conditions are applicable for all products & services of Zedling Suspension.
  2.  Buyer & Zedling suspension shall be bound to below terms & conditions.
  3.  Henceforth Zedling Suspension can be referred as “Zedling Suspension” or “US” or “Ours” or “We”.
  4.  Zedling suspension sells its products & services directly without any third party.
  5.  We have appointed DSC’s ( Dealer cum Service Centers) at various locations for the purpose of installation & service support which acts as local touch point.
  6.  Zedling Suspension shall sell & Buyer (Firm, person or company) shall purchase the product or service in accordance with the enquiry form submitted by buyer & a written proposal sent by Zedling suspension to the buyer over email or WhatsApp. Enquiry form is present on website home page.
  7.  The buyer shall be responsible for declaring the correct information requested in the enquiry form to enable us to process the order. Zedling Suspension shall not be responsible for any losses whatsoever if the information entered by the buyer is incorrect or inappropriate.
  8. The specification of product or service shall be as per the details available on Zedling Suspension website OR the product recommendation sent to the buyer.
  9.  Buyer shall do the product payment only after receipt of product recommendation.
  10.  Order confirmation: Enquiry form submission does not confirm the order. Enquiry form is only a means to collect the input for evaluating the feasibility of the product. Order is confirmed after product price is paid by the buyer in advance on our website through secured payment gateway.
  11. Order processing time: All Zedling products are custom designed & made to order which is usually completed in 3-4 weeks time after order confirmation but at certain times it may be slightly longer due to circumstances not in control of Zedling Suspension. If buyer needs exact delivery date then please contact us on official email. Zedling Suspension shall not be liable for any losses to the buyer due to delivery delays.
  12. Shipping/Delivery/transportation of products: The delivery shall be “ex works” Zedling Suspension’s place of business. Buyer has the option to pick up products from our address Or our dealer’s address or get it transported through a third party. Where Zedling suspension agrees to transport the products to buyer’s location a separate transportation cost shall be paid by the buyer. Zedling Suspension does not take any transportation risks. Though we put our best effort to ensure smooth transport of our products however any delay due to transporter is out of our scope of contract with buyer. We shall not be responsible for any kind of loss arising due to delay in transportation.
  13. Cancellation of order before dispatch: In case the buyer wants to cancel the order due to any reason, it can be done till the product is dispatched from Zedling Suspension. In such case the buyer shall send a written email to our official email address. After receipt of cancellation request from buyer, the order shall stand cancelled & advance booking amount shall be paid back to the buyer by us after deducting 25% of the product price. Zedling Suspension invests in custom parts manufacturing after order confirmation & needs minimum 25% product price as cost towards reimbursing these expenses.
  14. Acceptance or return of delivered products: The buyer shall be deemed to have accepted the product/service as being in conformity with the product recommendation & shall be bound to have accepted the product delivery unless written notice of defect is given within 7 days of delivery. In case of defect notice, buyer shall return the product by shipping/transporting it to Zedling suspension’s address. In case of return due to defect, the shipping cost shall be reimbursed by Zedling Suspension to the buyer.
  15. Payment/price: The price shall be as per the prices declared on our website & applicable discounts if any. Prices are subject to change without any notice. The buyer shall pay 100% of the price at the time of ordering.
  16. Damping tuning: In case customer feels the need of fine tuning the performance after taking the first ride then we provide damping tuning service for all our products (where applicable). Such service shall be availed within 3 weeks of purchasing the product. All transportation & its cost for this shall be undertaken by the buyer. The feasibility of tuning will be confirmed by Zedling suspension within the product limitations.