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Zedling Suspension products & upgrades are designed & manufactured to provide years of stable performance & long life. However suspension by its nature needs to be serviced due to internal wear & tear to maintain superior performance. Due to road/track riding the internal stresses results in drop in damping performance over a period of time. All Zedling products are completely serviceable & rebuildable. This makes it convenient & possible to service Zedling products at regular intervals & enjoy lower cost of ownership over useful life of the product. All service work must be carried out by Zedling directly or Zedling approved service partners to ensure the quality of build to offer the same high precision performance as a new product.

Recommended Service Intervals

1. For Street & Touring Applications :
- Every 10,000 Kms.
2. For Track Racing / Motocross Applications :
- Every 20 Hrs of operation.

Service Activity Includes


In case the product is leaking or has specific damages then repair will be done at additional charges & its feasibility will be confirmed by Zedling.


All Zedling products can be modified for new requirement viz., rider weight, terrain, specific application by change in damping performance. This is called Revalve service. This results in change in performance parameters & involves change in internal valves to meet the specific requirement.

Zedling Suspension Service Form

Note : If your product is under warranty of 12 months, Please fill ” Warranty Claim Form “.


    Service + Repair

    Revalve (Includes Service)