Zedling Suspensions

Develop the right suspension for ATV.

Zedling suspension specialists support ATV development teams to design the right suspension & achieve their target performance. Zedling Suspension team has worked extensively with various ATV development teams on challenging projects & realized the need for a software resource for an effective & efficient ATV development.

Zedling Suspension has developed ZedlingDashpot a software program to help ATV designers & teams develop the right suspension for their ATV in the shortest time.

Zedling Dashpot

ZedlingDashpot A specialized software program to aid ATV suspension design & analysis. The software delivers practical parameters of ATV shock absorber which are critical to achieve the optimum suspension performance.

ATV suspension development work involves complex linkages, its kinematics & dynamics. Achieving the optimum vibration isolation & right suspension dynamic travel is critical in order to complete the track & in short time. Zedling Dashpot is developed by Zedling Suspension team after extensive interaction with various ATV development teams asking tricky questions, facing challenges on suspension design & achieving the right solution.

Zedling Dashpot addresses the need of a software resource which can provide practical specifications of suspension components like spring stiffness, damping ratio, low & high-speed damping etc. For ATV development teams it is important to achieve the specifications of suspension components first time right in order to avoid expensive modifications & the need to buy additional components.

Zedling Dashpot is built with classical suspension theory as well as calculations developed by our team working with numerous ATV development projects achieving the target performance.

ATV shock absorber.

The software delivers practical parameters of ATV shock absorber which are critical to achieving the optimum suspension performance.

Zedling Dashpot Key Features

Here are even more ways Zedling Dashpot can help you ATV suspension design & analysis.


User-friendly interface which makes the process of computer-aided ATV suspension design & analysis faster & convenient

Quality of input:

Considers the ATV dimensions, suspension linkage geometry, weight transfer, motion ratio, Tire stiffness, roll center height & parameters which have an effect on specifications on suspension components.

Accuracy of output:

Provides output for ride rate, wheel rate, suspension rate, wheel travel, damping ratio, damping coefficient etc to perfect accuracy.

Practical output:

The output can be directly used for shock absorber ordering/manufacturing.

Ease of Analysis:

  • Generates spring stiffness graphs including the bump rubber properties.
  • Generates damping force graphs for low, medium & high-speed damping.
  • Iterations can be conducted to optimize the results.
  • Parameters can be plotted against each other or tabulated in a report.
  • Compare results from multiple design iterations in terms of graphs & tables.

Combination of classical theory & experiential data:

  • Built over classical suspension theory of vibration isolation & road adhesion.
  • Calculations are built on empirical data gathered over years of ATV suspension development experience

First time right:

The software code is tested & successfully validated on ground level achieving the expected output.

Direct application to ATV suspension design

The software interface is custom made for direct application to ATV suspension design & is easy to understand even to a novice designer