Zedling Suspensions
  • Advanced Custom Engineering

Your original motorbike suspension is a series production solution meant to perform average for a wide range of rider weights & different types of terrains & riding style. The series production solution performs average in all different aspects of motorcycle dynamics like stability, handling, ride comfort etc. This original suspension does not perform to the extreme requirements of motorcycle sports viz track racing where parameters like road grip & high speed cornering stability defines the lap timings. Also the original factory suspension parts have primitive technology & does not deploy the best designs which are needed for motorcycle sports. To gain the most out of your machine for motorcycle sports the suspension need to be updated to advanced & better performing upgrades and also custom engineered for your unique weight, application, speed of driving, type of terrain& your riding style.

Motorcycle suspension delivers complex engineering requirements. Apart from providing a comfortable riding experience it has a major role in handling of the motorbike & responses to acceleration & braking forces. It also plays a crucial role in keeping the tires in contact with the road surface.When it comes to overall performance engine is the prime focus but suspension is critical in making use of this powerful engine to interact with the road & achieve the braking, stability, cornering requirements. Suspension plays a pivotal role when it comes to achieving the fastest laps. The motorbikes usually need alteration in terms of engine & transmission performance for various racing events and adventure sports and this makes the suspension upgrade even more essential. This need is owing to the fact of higher speeds generated by higher power engine. The bike response in terms of vertical acceleration level creates problem of road grip and control during cornering. This vertical acceleration level increases exponentially with the speed of the bike and this renders suspension upgrade necessary for extracting required dynamics performance.

Original factory suspension parts are made with wider manufacturing tolerances feasible for mass production & does not offer superior performance for such specific requirements. Road racing demands for a different setting & off road competition like super cross demands a different setting.Touring motorbike requires specific setting to offer comfort on long journeys. The wrong set up creates problems like less traction, less cornering ability, lack of control, less riding comfort, excess dive and squat, suspension bottoming out&results in less rider confidence& comfort. Endurance race demands a rebuilt suspension to withstand the endurance cycles with consistent performance. For extracting the best handling performance from your motorbike for on road and off road racing events the suspension geometry like rake & trail ratio also need to be customized to bring your race performance ahead of your competition. The dynamic center of gravity of vehicle plays a major role in motorcycle handling which can be optimized for specific requirements only by suspension alteration.

All Zedling products are advanced in technology & offers enhanced performance.

  • Target Performance

Zedling products meet the target suspension performance & Zedling team is completely dedicated to fine tune the suspension parameters to exactly meet the customer’s target expectations. We support our customers till the expected performance is achieved on ground.

  • Core Suspension Specialists

Zedling Suspension has core suspension specialization right from design & prototyping till development & evaluation. Our service team is specialized in understanding suspension problems of your current motorbike & interpreting your subjective assessment.

  • Lifetime Technical Support

Zedling Products & Upgrades comes with lifetime technical support from our specialists to ensure our customers get the intended performance for the complete product life.