Zedling Suspensions
With our specialization in suspension right from the vehicle layout and simulation to prototyping and evaluation we undertake special consultation projects. This involves understanding your specific requirements and offering best solution which delivers your expectations on ground.

Motorcycle Geometry Upgrade


We undertake elaborate projects to completely enhance the dynamic performance of your motorbike. This is done by optimizing your motorbike geometry to extract the best handling performance. This includes analysis of your existing motorbike geometrical parameters and arriving the new setting of these parameters.

1. Wheel base
2. Rake
3. Front trail
4. C.G location
5. Seating ergonomics
6. Suspension stroke and sag values
7. Suspension stiffness and damping performance curves

The final layout geometry sketch is provided to you with all geometrical calculations to help you set up the new geometry.
You can utilize our wide range of upgrade products to realize the new geometry and we help you till you achieve your expected performance.

Twin Shock to Mono-shock Upgrade


We undertake projects to offer design solution to convert your existing twin shock motorbike to advanced mono-shock with longer wheel travel. This is best suited to realize an off road motorbike from your existing commuter machine. The new geometry of mono-shock is provided to you with complete details to set up the new geometry. We can also offer the parts for realizing the new mono-shock geometry. We provide swing arm and other components besides providing the new mono-shock and also undertake the assembly work. This mono-shock is advanced mono-tube high pressure gas charged solution which is customized in terms of spring and damping response.

Regular telescopic front fork to Inverted front fork upgrade


We undertake project to upgrade your existing upright telescopic front forks to advanced USD(upside down) front forks. We offer the design solution in terms of the drawings of new triple clamps and inverted fork specification details and complete process flow for the upgrade. We also undertake the physical upgrade work and process the new parts like triple clamps and also provide the new inverted fork of renowned make with anodized tubes for better aesthetics. We also customize this inverted fork for spring stiffness and damping response. We undertake the complete assembly work and offer you ready to ride motorbike.