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ZG-ST 1 Monoshock

Standard OEM Mono shock absorbers are non-serviceable & either pure hydraulic or low pressure gas pre-charged. These OEM shock solutions are a compromise over a variety of terrains, weights & riding styles. Shock upgrades are required for motorcycle sports like track racing & motocross where aspects like stability at high speed, road grip while cornering, off road stability & comfort play a critical role.1. Base Version:- (Code: ZG-ST 1-1)

We offer advanced replacement mono-shocks which are completely serviceable/rebuildable, high pressure nitrogen gas charged and are custom engineered for specific requirements of ride height, spring stiffness, pre-load & damping response. These customized shock absorbers uses large & advanced double acting piston valve sets which offers better low speed and high speed damping control. The aluminium alloy damper body provides enhanced heat dissipation & damping stability in extreme requirements. These replacement shocks comes with spring pre-load adjustment feature offering better flexibility to the rider.

We offer this advanced & customized base version of Monoshock with additional optional modules:

2. Ride height adjustment module:- (Code: ZG-ST1-2)

This module provides the flexibility to adjust the ride height by 30~40 mm by changing the monoshock length which offers great advantage to the rider to fine tune the motorbike handling performance & ergonomics. We provide this with exact SOP to realize the same even by a novice rider.

3. Hydraulic preload adjustment module:- (Code: ZG-ST1-3)

This module offers the ease of preload adjustment by user. With this module built on the product rider can change the spring preload by rotating a small screw which drives the hydraulic circuit to change the spring preload. The manual infinitesimal spring preload adjustment is anyways a standard offering.

4. Adjustable damping module:- (Code: ZG-ST1-4)

This module offers the flexibility to adjust the rebound & compression damping forces which can be tuned as per the rider preference.

All/Any additional modules can be combined with the base version as per the customers need & budget. These shock absorbers are perfectly retrofit in your motorbike & can be later modified for a new setting for your new requirement in future & serves a good investment .Custom engineered shocks have enhanced traction, superior bump absorption and better stability.