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Rebuild & Revalve Air Shocks

Air shocks are typically used in All-terrain vehicle (ATV) which is also known as quadricycle & is meant to handle a large variety of terrains. The suspension system of ATV is typically a double wishbone system which is suitable for achieving a lower center of gravity for different sports events viz., Baja SAE. The double wishbone is equipped with shock absorber which is either a coil over shocks or an Air shocks.

Air shocks constitute air chamber typically at a pressure in the range of 2-20 Bar. The air pressure in air shocks increases with the shock absorber stroke due to air compression & hence the load carrying capacity also increases. Spring stiffness in air shocks can be modified by simply changing air pressure which can be done even without removing shocks from ATV however ride height/rider sag cannot be adjusted independently of spring rate.

We offer Rebuild & Revalve service for air shocks brand like Fox.

Rebuild service includes:

1. Servicing the shock absorber with fresh shock oil & cleaning of internal components
2. Checking of internal components like seals, O rings for wear & tear
3. Re-assembling the shock absorber with required air pressure

Revalve service includes:

1. Includes rebuild service
2. Modification of piston valves for customer specified damping forces.
3. Re-assembling the shock absorber with damping force measurement report.