Shock Absorber - Zedling Suspension
Zedling Suspensions

Zedling Suspension offers a wide range of advanced replacement shock absorbers as well as upgrade parts for all major motorcycle brands & models as well as All-terrain vehicles (ATV’s). We offer upgrades for your motorbike rear suspension in terms of customized shock springs, shock absorber stroke enhancement, spring pre-load adjuster, piston valve kits for rebound & compression damping customization.

The specifications for these shock solutions are arrived using mathematical model codes & then fine-tuned working with customer & also taking inputs from our internal expert rider who is specialized in suspension assessment & its engineering interpretation.

  • ZG-ST 1 Mono Shock

  • Shock Spring

  • ZG-ST 2 Twin Shock

  • ZG-ST 3 Coil Over ATV Shocks

  • Rebuild & Revalve Air Shocks

  • Shock Piston Kit

  • Bump Stopper