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Every motorcycle fork needs service as it picks up microscopic particles from the polished surfaces during the reciprocating action of suspension, especially from the friction bushes. These particles contaminate the oil inside suspension & interfere with the oil passages inside which are the core of suspension function. Timely service is essential to ensure the suspension performs at its design level. We recommend servicing the suspension of your street motorcycle every 20,000 Kms & your track bike every 10 hours of track time.

The fork is dismantled completely, cleaned & inspected. Service limits of internal parts are measured & replaced if needed. The fork is then rebuilt with fresh damping oil of high-quality & replaced with new wear & tear parts like rubber seals. The result is front fork which is as good as a new suspension with our personalized care in re-building it to achieve extended life from your fork. Especially for Endurance racing, we re-build your front fork with high viscosity index damping oil to withstand higher temperatures during Endurance cycles.