Zedling Suspensions
Suspension rebuild refers to disassembling & re-assembling the suspension assembly by cleaning the internal components, replacing wear components & filling fresh damping oil to correct specification. Suspension rebuild becomes inevitable since internal components wear & oil deteriorates its properties due to continuous friction & temperatures generated. Avoiding or delaying suspension rebuild results in compromised handling & inadequate shock absorption resulting in under steer & over steer issues apart from concerns like bottoming & topping. AfterRead More
All terrain vehicle (ATV) is also known as quadricycle & is meant to handle a large variety of terrains which demands an optimum suspension design. ATV suspension designer considers many factors viz., damping ratio, wheel travel, bumper travel, strength requirement, packaging constraints & light weight shock absorber however the most critical is motion ratio.                        Motion ratio is simply defined as the ratio of shockRead More
Recently you see increasing number of bike models equipped with an inverted fork. Inverted forks, also called upside down or USD forks are essentially a large leap in technology over the conventional telescopic forks.   These inverted forks look sporty & adds considerably to the overall appeal of the bike. Visually these inverted forks appear as the conventional upright telescopic forks are fixed on a bike in inverted manner. This inverted fitment of forks onRead More
All terrain vehicle (ATV) is also known as quadricycle & is meant to handle a large variety of terrains. The suspension system of ATV is typically a double wishbone system which is suitable for achieving lower center of gravity for different sports events viz., Baja SAE. The double wishbone is equipped with shock absorber which is either a coil over shocks or an Air shocks.       Coil over shocks use helical coil springsRead More
Here we present the entire truth behind the market gimmick of these shock absorbers, their need in motorcycles, their differences with conventional pure hydraulic shock absorbers & their advantages.   Shock absorbers deliver important functions on a motorcycle viz., offering a comfortable ride & required handling behavior. Shock absorbers achieve these functions primarily through compression spring which absorbs & release the energy and through hydraulic damper which necessarily dampens the energy. The damper component isRead More
Shock absorbers deliver important functions on a motorcycle Viz., offering a comfortable ride & required handling behavior. Almost all professional & leisure riders feel the need of customizing their shock absorbers & upgrading for better performance. The professionals & enthusiasts also need to customize the damping setting i.e., damping tuning/re-valving to match their target performance. For majority of such upgrades there is a need to access the shock absorber damper body which houses the piston,Read More
Ride height adjustment is a feature you can find on high range & top line motorbikes. This feature allows raising or lowering the bike’s suspension. This raising or lowering of suspension is achieved through an adjustment feature provided in the motorbike’s shock absorber & front fork which allows changing the length or mounting center distance of the shock absorber or front fork. This feature lowers or raises the riding seat height & handle bar height.Read More